Anglers Must Be Aware Of Fishing Regulation Changes For 2021

Anglers must be aware of fishing regulation changes that take effect Jan. 1, 2021, according to the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.

The changes are:

Smallmouth Bass – Big Elk Lake (WP 7) and Portal Lake (WP 6), Sarpy County reservoirs under construction in 2020, each will have a smallmouth bass daily bag limit of two fish and 12-inch maximum length limit to protect larger smallmouths and allow harvest of smaller ones.

Yellow Perch – Big Elk Lake (WP 7) and Portal Lake (WP 6) each will have a yellow perch daily bag limit of five fish.

Muskellunge and Tiger Muskellunge – Pelican Lake on the Valentine National Wildlife Refuge will have a muskie and tiger muskie daily bag limit of three, including not more than one fish 34 inches or greater in length. A possession limit of three also is established for those species at Pelican Lake.

Northern Pike – Hershey I-80 Lake Wildlife Management Area no longer will have a 34-inch minimum length limit in place on northern pike. Statewide regulations will apply (daily bag limit of three, including not more than one fish 34 inches or greater in length).

No live baitfish – The following areas are added to the list of waters where no live baitfish may be used or possessed: Rock Creek Lake State Recreation Area, Dundy County; Avocet Wildlife Management Area, Grant County; Wilbur Reservoir, Saline County; Big Elk Lake (WP 7), Sarpy County; and Portal Lake (WP 6), Sarpy County.

Crane Lake – Fishing will be permitted at Crane Lake on Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge during daylight hours from Nov. 1 through Feb. 15.

Anglers can read the 2021 Fishing Guide when it is available in January at