An Unexpected Delivery From Jimmy John’s

COLUMBUS – A freaky phone call to a wrong number in eastern Nebraska delivered just what a man in pain needed: a ride to a hospital.

Lisa Nagengast says that a Jimmy John’s driver rescued her brother, Greg Holeman, on Saturday night after he called her just as she arrived at the Tampa, Florida airport. She’d been in Columbus to help Holeman home after spinal fusion surgery. She says he told her he was in great pain and oozing blood.

She tried to call his Department of Veterans Affairs social worker but misdialed and reached the Jimmy John’s night manager in Columbus, Jason Voss.

Voss says that he needed a few minutes to assess the situation before putting together a plan for helping out Nagengast. Delivery driver Zach Hillmer said that he was able to help Holeman out, and took him to Columbus Community Hospital.

Voss says that the response from the Columbus community has been very positive, and he has received many kind words from patrons at Jimmy John’s since Nagengast made a Facebook post about the situation this past Saturday.

Voss also says that people don’t normally think about how much just one person can make a difference, and that it was a blessing to be able to help Nagengast in her time of need.