American Flag Waves 80 feet above Custer County Fairgrounds

American Flag Waves 80 feet above Custer County Fairgrounds
Custer County veterans dedicate giant flag in honor of Veterans Day

CUSTER COUNTY—Old Glory now proudly waves 80 feet above the Custer County Fairgrounds thanks to the collaborative efforts of businesses and volunteers.

In celebration of Veterans Day and the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, crowds gathered for patriotic poems, music, and a special recognition of local veterans as they raised a vast American flag.

“It is because of all of you brave men and women that we are the home of the free. Thank you all for your service to defend our great country. God bless America,” Ag Society member Scott Reynolds said.

Veterans salute American flag as National Anthem plays

The flag spans approximately 35 by 20 feet and hangs on a 90 foot flagpole (10 feet underground, 80 feet above ground).

According to Rotary Club members, the project’s inception began only a few months ago at the end of June. It did not take long for the entire community to rally together in preparation of fundraising efforts. Approximately $12,000 was raised for the pole, flag, and extra flags.

Rotary Club member Deb McCaslin thanked local organizations including the Custer Economic Development Corporation, Ag Society, Rotary Club, Custer Public Power District, Ross Electric, Sargent Irrigation, Paulsen, City of Broken Bow, Palmer Monument and other businesses, individuals, service organizations, Custer County residents, visitors, current military members, and especially our veterans.

“The entire community embraced this project,” McCaslin said.

Mayor Cecil Burt thanked those who have given their lives who helped make our country what it is today.

Thank you veterans for all you have done and continue to do for the United States of America.