ADM Unveils New Animal Nutrition Facility Upgrades

COLUMBUS – Several Archer Daniel Midland, State, and community officials were on-hand for the unveiling of ADM Animal Nutrition’s upgraded facilities.

Governor Pete Ricketts, Mayor Jim Bulkley, and several ADM officials shared thoughts at the event on Tuesday, inside the facility east of Columbus.

“One of the great things about this, is it’s value added agriculture. It’s taking the things we grow here in the state and adding value,” said Ricketts. “It will actually go into a lot of the great markets we have here in the state, like the beef market. When they’re creating animal feed for both feed lots and our cow calf operations.”

The upgraded plant will employ two shifts and will produce a wide range of animal nutrition products, both in mass production and specialty. ADM officials said during a plant tour that they will deliver products to customers roughly 500 miles away.

“It seems like I’m coming to Columbus a lot. I mentioned this to the mayor that he’s doing something right, because their is a lot of investment being made in Columbus to create those job opportunities. This is all really exciting, because a lot of the manufacturing is tied together with what we do, which is agriculture,” says Ricketts.

The plant will be up and running in roughly 6 weeks, and will operate 5 days a week, but plant officials