A Combination Of Weapons And Drugs Could Land A Colorado Man In Prison For The Rest Of His Life

CUSTER COUNTY—While Custer County Court was busy on Monday, April 29, there were only two felony cases that were not continued, pled to lesser charges, or bound over to District Court by written waiver.

Todd Fundermann, 37 of Loveland, CO, could spend the rest of his life in prison if he is found guilty of numerous charges. Fundermann, alongside his attorney Michael Borders, did ask for a bond reduction as Fundermann said that he had a possible job available in Iowa. Borders told Judge Tami Schendt that Fundermann wants to work and pay the child support for his children, but won’t be able to do so in the county jail.

Custer County Attorney Steve Bowers noted that there were no changes in the circumstances and that the bond should remain the same. Bowers also said that the bond should remain the same due to the crime being severe involving drugs, weapons, and with Fundermann having no connections to the community.

Judge Schendt agreed that the severity of crime and the lack of ties to the community made the bond appropriate and it remained the same at 10% of $250,000.

Following the bond review, Fundermann waived his preliminary hearing and his case was bound to Custer County District Court for arraignment on May 23 at 9:30 AM.

When Fundermann appears in District Court he will be facing several felony counts including possession with intent to distribute cocaine (class ID felony), possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine (class ID felony), possession of a firearm by a prohibited person-2nd offense (class IB felony), use of a firearm to commit a felony (class IC felony), possession of a stolen firearm (class IIA felony), and a habitual criminal enhancement.

Possession of a firearm by a prohibited person-2nd offense carries a maximum life sentence. The other charges combine to a minimum of 41 years in prison and a maximum of 230 years in prison.

Crystal Lichtenberger, 36 of Broken Bow, made her first appearance in court and is facing four separate charges of alleged child abuse not resulting in injury (class IIIA felony). Kyle Peterson, who represents Lichtenberger in another case, was also appointed to represent her in the felony case. A preliminary hearing has been set for May 20 at 2 PM.