4 County Cash Back – By the Numbers

4 County Cash Back – By the Numbers
Image Credit: Custer Economic Development Corporation

A flash in a pan. In just a short time, this program was created, launched and it created an overwhelming wave of support for local businesses. And, due to work done ahead of time, we’re able to illuminate just how much good was done through this program. 

In total, $300,000 has been channeled from CEDC, their sponsors and the people, into the businesses that have been negatively impacted by the Directed Health Measures by the Governor. But that’s not the final number. That $300,000 allows businesses to keep paying their employees, to operate their business and to continue giving back as they always do. Those dollars will continue to circulate in the community an additional 3-5 times. That impact is much greater than face value.

The program was not reserved for Custer County residents and it’s shown by the sales that were injected from outside the county. From California to Pennsylvania and from Texas to North Dakota, over $10,000 was purchased by people outside of our county jurisdiction to support local business. That’s a gem of a statistic.

All communities in Custer County are resilient. Nothing illustrates that better than showing how each community funneled these dollars their businesses. It wasn’t a competition. Custer County is about a “we” mentality and it was on great display through the program. Four communities received over $25,000 in total economic benefit through the program. In those communities, that’s anywhere from ~1/8 to ~1/4 of the sales that each community had in April of last year. And it happened in one week.

The most vulnerable industries to COVID-19’s effected were the intended target for this program – retail, cosmetology, restaurants, entertainment. To date, no other place has shown this much care, concern and generosity for their home and their people than what just happened here in Custer County.