2018 Local Race Candidate Filings-Six People on Ballot for Open County Supervisor Seat

2018 Local Race Candidate Filings-Six People on Ballot for Open County Supervisor Seat
Custer County Courthouse, Broken Bow

CUSTER COUNTY—District #7 County Supervisor Don McCullough of Berwyn will not run again for a spot on the board. However, six other people have filed for this year’s race. Republican candidates include Dennis W. Fread, Douglas A. Stunkel, John C. Evans, and Tom Bailey. Democratic candidates include Donna Hoblyn-Bittner and Dick L. Holeman.

Three current County Supervisors are up for reelection.
District 1: Bobby Myers-Republican
District 3: Barry J. Fox-Republican
District 5: Donald Olson-Republican

Others county position candidates will be running unopposed.

For County Assessor: Lana Lymber-Republican
For County Attorney: Steven R. Bowers-Republican
For County Clerk: Constance Gracey-Democratic
For Clerk of District Court: Amy J. Oxford-Republican
For County Sheriff: Dan Osmond-Republican
For County Surveyor: Jay D. Gormley-Republican
For County Treasurer: Sheri Bryant-Republican
For Register of Deeds: Christie Trumbull-Republican

Broken Bow Mayor and Councilman to Run Unopposed

BROKEN BOW—Mayor Cecil R. Burt Jr. is up for reelection this fall and he is the only candidate to have filed for the position. East Ward Councilman Rod Sonnichsen is also set to run unopposed. Councilman Neal Neth will not run for election this year but no candidates filed for the West Ward position.

No filings were reported from the office of the County Clerk for the Broken Bow Airport Authority (six-year term).

Five individuals have filed for City of Sargent positions.

Sargent City Mayor: Michael Kozeal
Councilman at Large: Michelle Schneider, Clint Marsh, Ricky C. Hightower, and Jinger Larsen.

Four filings were reported for the Sargent Airport Authority: Christopher J. Decker, Jack Holt, Rylan Everett, and Tom Kleeb.

Hospital and School Board Filings

Hospital Board of Directors:
Arnold District Hospital Board of Directors: Gary Larreau
Callaway District Hospital: Dan Lewandowski, Mary Ross, and Mark Kimball

Board of Education Filings:
Anselmo-Merna School #15: Alan Jacquot, Mark Christen, Tom McMillan, and Kyle Cantrell
Ansley School #44: Rod Amsberry, Danielle Ostrand, and Derek J. Clay
Arnold School #89: Joseph E. Cool, Merle Bierman, and Shane Cool
Broken Bow School #25: Tom Osmond, Pam Holcomb, Carl French, Tim Chancellor, and Kirk Foster
Callaway School #180: Liana Hrupek
Sargent School #84: Loyd Pointer, Martin Riddle, Rolland W. Stefka, Kristina Lamb, and Jeffrey Keefe