Remember City Ordinances this Winter

Police Chief Steve Scott reminds Broken Bow residents to keep streets and sidewalks cleared during winter weather

City ordinance 92.50 requires that snow, ice, mud and other substances be cleared off sidewalks in residential areas within 24 hours after the cessation of storms.

In the business district, sidewalks must be cleaned within five hours after the cessation of a storm, unless the snow falls during the night, in which case the sidewalks must be cleaned before 9 a.m. on the following day.

It is unlawful to deposit snow, sleet, ice or mud, or any debris from private property onto city streets, according to Ordinance 92.77.

Ordinance 72.11 makes it unlawful to park a vehicle on city streets for more than 24 consecutive hours without the vehicle being moved. Chief Scott said that this is especially important for snow removal.

At the discretion of officers, citations could be issued for violating these ordinances.