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November 29, 2022

For Sale: Insulated coveralls, size medium, new but just a little dirty from being in a tool box. 308-872-2919 or 308-880-1141

Looking For: A $1000 or less school car. Nothing fancy… it just needs to run and needs heat/defrost. Contact Jason at 870-5821 or Bobbi at 8701440

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November 28, 2022

Found:  Near Paulsen Rd & 5th St, a keyring of Chevy/GMC keys on a braided parachute cord key chain.  Call 308-870-0447

November 25, 2022

Give Away: Sherbet containers w/ lids. 308-870-3100

For Sale: Australian Shepherd puppies. 308-870-1995

November 22, 2022

For Sale: Locker beef. Whole, half, or quarters available. Goes to locker December 13th. $2.40 hanging and buyer pays processing. 308-212-0181

November 21, 2022

Looking For: Fresh farm eggs. Have egg cartons to put them in. 308-872-5532

November 18, 2022

Looking For: A place to get paper laminated. 308-643-2256

Looking For: An acoustic guitar. 308-870-4418

November 17, 2022

For Sale: Four tickets to the Nebraska vs Wisconsin game at 11pm Saturday. All tickets are together. 308-872-6028

Looking For: People that did not receive information about the Children’s Christmas Fund that would like info about it. Contact 308-870-1602

November 16, 2022

Looking For:  Old Volkswagon van or pickup from the 50’s or 60’s. Call 620-910-7257

For Sale: Ground beef in 1 or 2 pound packages. $4.50/lb. Lean and corn fed. 308-212-0181

Looking For: Barn cats. Please text 308-215-8090

November 15, 2022

Give Away: Six to eight plastic gallon milk jugs with lids. 308-870-0568

For Sale: Insulated coveralls, size medium, new but just a little dirty from being in a tool box. 308-872-2919 or 308-880-1141

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November 14, 2022

Looking For:  Two well-broke saddle horses.  308-750-7808

November 11, 2022

For Sale:  Large pressure cooker, good shape, new seal.  $60 or best offer 308-870-3484

November 10, 2022

Give Away: 38 inch wide bed, to be removed from home office in Berwyn. Comes with 8″ mattress and box spring as well as frame. 308-880-0933

For Sale: Two wheel metal utility cart. Has a hitch, tilt bed, and one flat tire. Perfect for behind a lawn tractor. 308-872-2919 or 308-880-1141

Looking For: Farm fresh eggs. Located in Sargent but can do a pickup in Bow if needed. 308-215-0203

November 9, 2022

Found: Cooler by victoria springs. To claim, call 308-870-2635 with color and contents

For Sale: Two geckos. One is albino and the other is leopard. Tank, housing, and all accessories are included. Will not separate them. 308-870-0606

November 8, 2022

Looking For: A place close to Broken Bow to board four horses. Text 308-880-0997

Give Away: Four dining chairs. They are on rollers and they swivel/tilt. The upholstery is peeling. Call or text 308-870-1357

Looking For: A safety bed rail for elderly assist. To buy or borrow. Call 308-730-0906

November 7, 2022

Looking For:  Someone to rake and dispose of leaves.  Call 308-880-0571

For Sale:  Toolbox. 308-858-4489

Looking For:  Used tool box 308-870-3070

November 4, 2022

For Sale: Student desk, kitchen table and chairs, prices negotiable.  Give Away:  a partial electric hospital bed.  Call 308-872-6839, if no answer leave a message.

November 3, 2022

Looking For: A 3-slate pool table with basket pockets in good condition. Call or text Troy at 308-215-0156

For Sale:  Plastic bed liner for a small box pickup like an S10, Dodge Dakota, or Ranger.  Asking $25. Call 308-789-6332

For Sale: Squirrel corn, sold by the dozen, picked off the stalk. Will deliver to Broken Bow. 308-870-3100