Lubick Talks to Media Ahead of Game with Buffalo

Nebraska offensive coordinator Matt Lubick met with members of the media after Tuesday’s practice. Lubick talked on the offense, downfield passes and the protection the passes require.

“Throwing the ball down the field is everybody,” Lubick said. “It is the offensive line protecting. It could be the running back protecting and it could be obviously the quarterback and receivers getting open. That is a big part of it. It also could be what the defense is doing. We thought there were some things they were doing where we could throw the ball down the field based on their coverages but you still have to execute it and I was really proud of how our offensive line improved pass protection.”

Lubick explained common traits amongst new players experiencing early success.

“They are all football savvy guys and pick things up well but they are all very humble they listen,” he said. “That is the whole thing as a coach you want guys that are coachable that will listen. We really try to emphasize part of the learning process is making mistakes and when you are a new guy and we expect them to make mistakes so you can not get down on yourself. That is how you learn and they have really good attitudes towards that. That is dealing with adversity which they have all had to do. I think in football that is part of the game is things are not always going to go your way you are not always going to do the right thing. You are not going to be as comfortable if you are learning something new and so just get out of your comfort zone. Making a mistake learn from it and moving on I think they have all done a good job of that.”

He spoke about Buffalo’s strengths and the test it will provide for the team.

“Defensively they dominated their first opponent. They have guys that can rush the passer they tackle really well,” Lubick said. “We have our work cut out for us from a pass rush standpoint. They know how to put pressure on the quarterback. They covered well and the other team really struggled trying to get a first down against those guys. It is going to be a really good test and they have a lot of guys returning. On both sides of the ball as a top 20 team when you have most of your guys coming back you should be pretty good.”

The Huskers are set to play Buffalo this Saturday, Sept. 11 at 2:30 p.m. Saturday’s game will be broadcast on KBBN 95.3 FM with coverage on the Huskers Radio Network beginning at 12:30 p.m.