Watermeier Says It’s ‘Too Soon’ For Special Session On Taxes

NEBRASKA CITY – State Sen. Dan Watermeier says 13 lawmakers have asked the secretary of state to call a special session of the Unicameral to reduce property taxes.

In his weekly radio address, Watermeier said if the secretary of state finds 33 senators in support of a special session, then Gov. Pete Ricketts must convene the Unicameral within 5 days.

Watermeier said the school finance formula needs to be revamped first.


Watermeier: “More than two-thirds of school districts no longer receive equalization aid, something I doubt the creators ever envisioned. This results in too great of a burden placed on property taxes to fund our rural schools.”

He said he supports the concept of foundation aid, which establishes a certain amount of funding per student.

Watermeier: “A special session called yet this month would be too soon and would not allow for a comprehensive look at the underlying problems associated with our high property taxes.”

The session ended in recognition of six senators who will not return due to term limits.