At B103 & Big Apple News Radio, we’ve watched kids celebrate their successes and we’ve seen River Country grow into viable communities of strength. While we appreciate what happens in the area and we’ve covered it on the air, it’s time for TV video coverage that celebrates the very best of the region.

Introducing News Channel Nebraska with WeatherNation, NOW AVAILABLE at Spiral Communications in Nebraska City and Southeast Nebraska Communications Falls City! Local weather forecasts, local weather analysis and local severe weather information delivered by the meteorologists at WeatherNation and our own chief meteorologist, Geoff Fox.

Along with weather details, you will get to watch real local news, sports and details on community events you are used to hearing about on the radio.

Stop into your local cable television provider to find out what you need to do to receive NCN with WeatherNation, exclusively from News Channel Nebraska, B103 and Big Apple News Radio!