Secret Sound

We have a winner!

Kelli Engleman of Leigh figured out that the Secret Sound was a CD Case closing.  She wins $3,450 thanks to Linn Chiropractic and Mid City Superstore/Slumberland Furniture.


Here’s how it works:  The jackpot starts at $500.  We’re looking for the 9th caller 3 times each weekday when you hear the cue to call.  If you’re the 9th caller, you’ll get to listen to the sound and make your guess.  If you make the right guess, you get to take home the jackpot!   If your guess is wrong, you get a lovely consolation prize and the jackpot grows by $25.

But there’s another way to win too:  The Secret Song Shout Out brought to you by Dean’s Market in Elgin.  One time per day, we will pick a phone number and call it.  If you answer and know the Secret Sound you can win the jackpot!!! If you make a wrong guess, you still get a consolation prize and then the jackpot will grow by $50.


Click here for the list of the Secret Sound guesses.


Register your phone number by visiting one of these locations:

  • Albion Locker
  • Albion Thriftyway
  • Beller & Backes, Humphrey
  • Burger King, Norfolk
  • Dean’s Market, Elgin
  • Linn Chiropractic
  • Mid City Super Store/Slumberland Furniture
  • Thriftway Market, Tilden & Neligh


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