Morning Zoo

The Morning Zoo, Thursdays at 8:15!

LouieLouie was the sickest of his litter. He recovered and now is one of the biggest. He’s very loving and the better he feels the more he plays. Louie looks at you and talks, then snuggles on your lap. He is a mix of shy, bold, independent and attention seeking. Very sweet & purrs often. Has been around adult cats, kittens and small dog with limited kid experience. Likes to play so will make kid friends easily. He will be ready as soon as he gets neutered. He’s going to be looking for his forever home, will that be you?

Snickers is a mom of two beautiful kittens. She is very loving and affectionate and is great around other cats, small dog and kids. She has a laid back personality and is playful and will make a great family pet. She very politely expects you to share your food with her, doesn’t try to help herself and accepts not getting any. She is not big lap cat but likes to be petted, waiting for your attention. Snickers has beautiful markings in her fur, including a spot shaped like an apple and on the other side, like a heart. She could be the apple of your eye and your sweetheart! She came from a very loving home and is looking for her forever home, will that be you? Snickers is FELV neg. and up to date on all shots and is neutered.


Tessa Mae is a 2 year old Black lab Mix. Last year she had a litter of puppies and was taken into a program that trained dogs to be diabetic alert dogs. Because she has an overly motherly instinct she was not able to focus on her job of being a diabetic alert dog, so she’s back in our care! She’s trained to be in public places and does great with other non-dominant dogs.  Because of her motherly instinct, we would recommend that she be in a family of children over the age of 12.

Stripes came from a farm with his brother and 2 sisters. He’s the only one in the litter that had different coloring. He’s a brave little guy and loves to explore and then cuddle. He also loves playing with kids, adult cats, dogs and other kittens. He was the biggest and strongest in his litter and definitely has the big personality to go with it. He comes when called and when hears the food being opened. He’s looking for his forever home, will that be you? Is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations.