Two Men Arraigned In Custer County District Court On Multiple Alleged Felonies

Two men were arraigned on Thursday, January 27 in Custer County District Court facing alleged felony charges.

Tanner Bowers, 30 of Arnold, appeared as he was arraigned on two alleged charges of burglary (each a Class IIA felony) and an alleged charge of 2nd-degree trespassing (Class III misdemeanor). Bowers pled not guilty to the alleged charges and the case was set for a jury trial to start June 13 at 9 AM with a pretrial hearing on May 19.

While Bowers could face up to 40 years and three months in prison and be fined up to $500, Custer County Attorney Steve Bowers stated Tanner was being considered for problem-solving court and asked for a progression conference to be scheduled to take the next steps if he was accepted. Judge Karin Noakes agreed and a progression conference was scheduled for February 17 at 9:30 AM.

Jayme Pohl, 40 of Denver, CO, was arraigned on alleged charges of possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine (Class IC felony), possession with intent to distribute cocaine (Class ID felony), and possession of marijuana, more than an ounce, less than a pound (Class III misdemeanor).

According to court documents, Pohl was arrested after being pulled over by a Nebraska State Patrol Trooper in September 2021. According to the report, Pohl had been speeding on the Sargent Road when he was pulled over by the Trooper. During the stop, Pohl agreed to allow the Trooper to search his vehicle where multiple drugs and drug paraphernalia were alleged to have been found.

Pohl pled not guilty to the alleged charges and his case was set for jury trial to begin on June 13 at 9 AM with a pretrial conference to be held on May 19 at 10 AM.

Pohl could face 8-100 years in prison if he is found guilty of all charges.