‘Trent Shot Grandma! Trent Shot Grandma!’ Son-In-Law Testifies On 3rd Day Of Esch Trial

‘Trent Shot Grandma! Trent Shot Grandma!’ Son-In-Law Testifies On 3rd Day Of Esch Trial
Security video showing Trent Esch leaving the scene of the shooting at the Crystal Esch residence carrying the .22 caliber pistol used in the homicide. Media Pool Photo.

ESCH— Day 3 of the Trent Esch trial began in the morning on Thursday, June 17 with the testimony of Josh Dalby. Josh, the son-in-law of Crystal Esch and brother-in-law to Trent Esch, began testimony describing his point of view from the day of the homicide on July 11, 2020.

Josh testified that he had been mowing Crystals lawn as well as his own when he heard what he believed to be gun fire sometime after 5:45 PM. Josh continued and said he began to travel down Round Valley Road toward Crystal’s residence when he was met by his two young children who were hysterical and screaming, “Trent shot Grandma! Trent shot Grandma!”

After arriving at Crystal’s home, Josh entered the house and found Crystal already deceased on the floor. After contacting a family member to call 9-1-1, Josh returned to the residence to check the home once again and subsequently waited for police to arrive on scene.

During cross-examination, Trent’s attorney, James Davis, asked a number of questions regarding firearms and why when he thought he heard gunfire he grabbed a .22 long rife instead of his 9mm pistol. Josh stated that he grabbed the long rife because it was more accurate at long range instead of the pistol. Davis also asked about phrasing of certain comments that were said by his kids and what he testified to and noted there were differences in the statements.

Testimony will continue in the afternoon following the lunch break.