Supervisors Pass 30×30 Resolution 5-1, Approve Public Sale On Small Lot In Sargent

CUSTER COUNTY— The Custer County Board of Supervisors had a relatively uneventful meeting on Tuesday, June 15 where mostly housekeeping items were on the agenda.

An item that has been discussed at length for the Supervisors is the resolution on the 30×30 Land Grab. During the past few meetings, it has been discussed on what exactly should be in the resolution that would show the county is against the 30×30 initiative and any program that would be instituted by the government and also making sure the land would be governed at the local level.

Also included in the resolution is making sure that if any conservation easements are approved they need to be in the public interest and also follow the Custer County Comprehensive Plan. The resolution passed 5-1 with District 7 Supervisor Doug Stunkel the lone ‘No’ vote.

Stunkel explained that he voted no because he felt the resolution was too broad.

“I think it needs to be more specific on the dollar value on the taxes,” said Stunkel. “So any part of the [taxes][cannot be]placed onto somebody else.”

The entire resolution can be found below.

A public auction was approved by the Supervisors for a piece of land in Sargent after the taxes on the land were not paid. The land was eventually turned over to the county who then can resell the land any way they see fit. After discussion, it was agreed that a public sale will be held on July 15 at the Custer County Courthouse.

Also approved was the continued participation in the Region 3 Behavioral Health Services County Match Program at $28,428, vacating part of Road 1519 back to the adjacent landowners, and the substitution of securities for Pinnacle Bank in Arnold.