Supervisors Hold Short Meeting Prior To Property Valuation Protests

SUPERVISORS— The Custer County Board of Supervisors held a short meeting on Tuesday, July 13 with just a few things on the agenda due to property valuation protests beginning in the afternoon and continuing through Wednesday. During the meeting, the Supervisors approved the closure of the Arnold-Dunning Road for the Sandhills Open Road Challenge on Saturday, August 14 beginning at 7 AM. They also approved closing the Callaway-Cozad Road for the One Mile Shootout on Friday, August 13 beginning at 8 AM and the rain-out date on August 15.

James Callaway with the Broken Bow Airport Authority gave a quick update on the happenings at the Broken Bow Airport which includes a ramp expansion. Callaway informed the board that last year’s fuel sales were down, but thanks to some federal money, they were able to offset some of the lost revenue.

He also noted that use or lose funds from the federal government will be used to help in the design and construction of a ramp expansion. Callaway said the design will take place in 2021, with the construction beginning in 2022. The reason for the expansion according to Callaway is when multiple larger planes are parked at the airport it can become crowded with very little room for maneuverability. The expansion should help alleviate some of those problems.

The Supervisors approved entering the yearly agreement with the Airport Authority at $13,000.

Also approved was placing a stop sign on Road 428 at the intersection of Columbia Table Road, signing the state audit report, and accepting the distress warrants from the Custer County Sheriff’s Office.