Supervisors Discuss River Weeds And Bridge Projects

The Custer County Board of Supervisors held a quick meeting on Tuesday, October 12 with the regular agenda items being finished up in less than two hours.

The longest discussion came on an update from Custer County Weed Superintendent Tim Conover discussing the recent spraying of weeds at the Middle Loup River and South Loup River. Conover said Phragmites, which is an invasive plant also known as common reed, was found along both rivers and needed to be dealt with.

Conover continued and said he was able to secure a $15,000 grant that allowed Custer County the funds to spray for the plant without using anything budget funds. Nebraska-Iowa Helicopter service from Tekamah, NE provided aerial spraying on both rivers.

Due to the positioning of the South Loup River, Conover said the pilot surveyed and sprayed at the same time. Chemical to kill the plant was sprayed on approximately 28 acres in a 15 mile stretch on the river. He also noted the spraying could not take place until irrigation was complete throughout the county. It was noted there are still some farmers who still are able to irrigate using river water due to being grandfathered in on irrigation programs.

The Supervisors spent a few minutes discussing contracting letting and bridge materials. During a regular meeting in September, the Supervisors accepted bids on the projects that were later evaluated by the Highway Department and Highway Committee. During Tuesday’s meeting, Highway Superintendent Chris Jacobsen recommended the Supervisors reject all bids regarding materials but accept the low bid from Husker Engineering for the two bridge projects. Jacobsen said the bid from Husker Engineering would cover the materials and all other needed items.

The Supervisors also approved the FY2021-22 levies for Custer County and a new contract with Great Plains Communication on a phone system change as calls have recently been dropping at the Custer County Courthouse and Judicial Center.