Superintendent Community Tour Keeps Bow in the Know

BROKEN BOW – Darren Tobey, Broken Bow Public Schools (BBPS) Superintendent, wants everything about his schools to be as transparent as possible, and one of the best ways to do that, by any measure, is to meet people in person.

Tobey, for most of his tenure, has done just that: by hosting yearly pre-school year tours around town. “It’s an opportunity to go around to various businesses, talk about the upcoming budget, talk about drug policy, which will be new for everyone, just having a chance to talk about the upcoming year and have the community ask any questions they might have.”

This year is no different. Superintendent Tobey has two days carved out of schoolyear prep for the community: Monday, July 25, and Tuesday, July 26. Two iconic morning-starters will host each 7 a.m. rendezvous: Tumbleweed on Monday, and City Café on Tuesday.

Noon’s sessions will find homes at the BBPS boardroom on Monday and at the Broken Bow Golf Course on Tuesday. Lunch will be provided at both events.

6 p.m. Monday offers an in-depth look at the upcoming drug policy implementation, and all events provide the chance for community members to learn more about the school year’s budget, new administration, and staff.