Sidewalks On Broken Bow Square Vandalized Overnight

BROKEN BOW—The City of Broken Bow spent most of the morning at the Broken Bow City Square to clean spray paint off the sidewalk and street after an individual vandalized the area overnight June 30-July 1. City Administrator Dan Knoell said he received a call from the Broken Bow Police Department around 1 AM that someone had spray-painted phrases on the sidewalk on the south side of the square and in front of H&R Block.

The phrases on the square included attacks to the D.A.R.E. Program, “Where does the money go?”, “Epstein didn’t kill himself”, and another phrase that was covered by the Broken Bow Fire Department Fireworks trailer. An additional phrase “Get your Billion Back? Yeah right. Don’t worry your first times free #dancesafe” was spray-painted in front of H&R Block.

According to Broken Bow Police Captain Dan Hanson, the Broken Bow Police Department was called to the City Square in Broken Bow around 12:40 am on July 1st for suspicious activity.

Upon arrival the officers on duty discovered Isaac Jackson, 26 of Merna, spray painting graffiti on the sidewalks and street at the square. Jackson was arrested and is expected to be charged with Criminal Mischief, Possession of Marijuana and Unauthorized APP of Graffiti – 1st Offense.

The Broken Bow City Street and Parks Departments are clearing the graffiti and hope to have it accomplished quickly.