Senior Life Solutions’ Open House Helps in Healing

CALLAWAY – The Callaway Senior Life Solutions’ open house on Thursday, September 22 will underscore something deeper than the long-overdue christening of the program’s new home: it will mark a monumental step forward in the ongoing battle against mental health stigmatization for Callaway and Custer County.

Of course, that is not to say that the program’s permanent settlement isn’t a big deal in its own right; Program Director and nurse Kelly Herbig says there wasn’t always as much breathing room for her program as she would have liked.

“The program started in March of 2021, and the hospital was kind enough to let us use their board room until we were up and running.”

Senior Life Solutions is geared toward the demographic with the highest suicide rates: individuals over the age of 65. It prides itself on reintegrating individuals quickly, quietly, and effectively; the goal is permanent, positive change.

Her program serves roughly ten patients at a time; the number, Herbig says, is ideal for healing. “We feel like that’s a good number for group therapy, and good for the therapist to be able to give each one the individual attention.”

A small program and new building offer advantages beyond the mental health benefits for those within it; Herbig says the time and space help the entire community stay on the road toward emotional and psychological well-being.

“We have had people come through the door who were not appropriate for our program, whether it be for substance abuse, they were too young, and we work really hard to get them redirected. If we can’t help you, we’ll do our best to find someone who can.”

Thursday will offer a movie-themed raffle; the basket is set to include movies and snacks that are reminiscent of the true movie-going experience, which of course will include a popcorn bar.

Herbig emphasizes that despite the planned fun, the program focuses on mental healing; it is still an arm of the medical profession, and so is the new building. Confidentiality is the highest priority. “We have a separate entrance, so there’s a space just dedicated to the patients.”

On Thursday, however, everyone will hopefully be walking through the front door.