Rotary’s “Pints With a Purpose” to Beat Back Polio

BROKEN BOW – The Broken Bow Rotary Club in conjunction with Kinkaider Brewing will be raising money to aid in the fight against polio’s return. The fundraiser, dubbed “Pints with a Purpose,” will start at 5 p.m. at the brewery’s flagship Broken Bow location on Tuesday, September 27.

The disease, once thought confined to two countries on Earth, has recently popped up in the United States again, as Broken Bow Rotary Club’s Deb McCaslin explains.

“Polio has reared its ugly head; it’s in New York City, it’s in London. We thought we had it down to Afghanistan and Pakistan, but that’s not the truth anymore.”

Rotary’s fight against the disease is nothing new; for over 30 years the battle has been a primary focus of the club’s efforts, and with polio’s jump back across the Atlantic, the Broken Bow chapter looks to redouble its efforts.

Their plan of action for the night is relatively simple: sell pint glasses for $10 a pop, let supporters fill them up with all manner of beverages under Kinkaider’s roof, and put the money raised toward the cause. As an added bonus, those in attendance get to keep the pint glasses and can buy as many as their heart desires.

Each glass will contain a drink chip which attendees may redeem for a beverage of their choice. That means that an individual could, in theory, purchase as many pint glasses as there are Kinkaider taps, and never use the same glass twice.

The Rotary’s fabled iron lung is expected to make an appearance on the 27, as well. The unwieldy medical device serves two symbolic purposes for the club’s fight against polio: to remind those who see it exactly how long the country has been combating the devastating disease, and to show how tragically it alters the lives of those affected by it.

Admission is free, and despite the name’s insinuation, is open for all ages. One need not drink alcohol to be a part of the evening; the Broken Bow Rotary and Kinkaider would be more than happy to fill those pints with anything soft to whet the whistle.