Prairie Pioneer Center Recognized by Mayor Sonnichsen

BROKEN BOW – The Prairie Pioneer Center closed out its National Senior Center Month with quite the celebration: Thursday’s ever-popular fried chicken lunch, and a visit from Broken Bow Mayor Rod Sonnichsen to recognize the center’s continuing contribution to the community through a special proclamation.

“The City of Broken Bow benefits when people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds are included and encouraged to share their successes and their stories of resilience, and recognizes our need to nurture ourselves, reinforce our strengths, and continue to thrive in times of both joy and difficulty.”

Mayor Sonnichsen went on to emphasize just how important older Bowites are to the fabric of the city’s quilt. “I urge every resident to recognize older adults and the people who support them as essential contributors to the strength of our community.”

Roughly thirty were in attendance for the proclamation, including Director of the South Central Nebraska Area Agency on Aging Rod Horsely. Broken Bow’s Prairie Pioneer Center, he said, was the only senior center in his 14-county, 19-center area to celebrate the month with a proclamation.

“This is one of the important centers in our area, and we wanted to come up and help celebrate today. It’s a great organization, and we would like to see more people come back to the center.”

There are a couple of ways to make that happen, which rest solely on the community’s shoulders: the center, open to all ages, can be rented out for events or meetings for $75, which could mean the difference between keeping the doors open and having a center at all, or by dropping in for lunch Monday through Friday. For $6, one is guaranteed a plate of home-cooked food, the company of friends, and at least one good joke.