Power Outage Strikes Southeast Broken Bow

BROKEN BOW – Most of the southeast portion of Broken Bow was without power for forty minutes before electricians under Electric Superintendent Blake Waldow were able to surmise the cause.

“A bird got into a spot in between our bus work and wasn’t able to clear itself before it opened up a breaker.”

Waldow could only estimate the area affected. “Most of the business on the south side of the highway from South 12th to the east side of town and the southeast half of town on the north side, realistically, and a small part of the northeast side of town.”

The affected area would include the Tumbleweed Cafe, Grocery Kart, and the Pump & Pantry, among others.

The forty-minute delay in switch-flipping, Waldow said, was precautionary. “Mainly what took so long was inspecting the substation, making sure nothing was broken before we reenergized stuff.”

And the bird? “A blackbird,” Waldow revealed, “and a goner.”