Noxious Weed Control

Landowners are reminded that the time has come to be on the lookout for noxious weeds.  According to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, the Nebraska Legislature approved amendments to the Nebraska Noxious Weed Control Act  in 1989 with the passage of LB 49.  The Noxious Weed Control Act defines and places specific responsibilities for noxious weed control on landowners, individual counties, and the state of Nebraska.  Noxious weeds compete with pasture and crops, reducing yields substantially.  Tim Conover serves as the weed superintendent for Custer County and told Central Nebraska’s News Source that he has seen some noxious weeds such as leafy spurge starting to appear.


Conover said that the dry conditions we have experienced in the first quarter of the year can lead to invasive weeds.


Among the noxious weeds that have become prevalent in the area is leafy spurge.  Once leafy spurge has appeared in an area, it can spread very quickly if not properly controlled. When consumed by livestock, the toxins in leafy spurge can affect the digestive tract and cause scours and weakness.  In an effort to assist landowners on how to better control leafy spurge, Conover said a leafy spurge working task force tour and conference will take place in Valley County later this summer.


The Nebraska Department of Agriculture emphasizes that the business of noxious weed control is everyone’s concern and their control to everyone’s benefit.  The support of all individuals within the state is needed and vital for the control of noxious weeds within the state.