Nearly $40,000 of Damage Caused by Vandalism at Custer School in Broken Bow

BROKEN BOW–On July 18, 2022 the Broken Bow Police Department (BBPD) was called to Custer Elementary School for a report of breaking and entering and vandalism.

According to a press release from BBPD obtained by KCNI/KBBN, when the officer arrived on scene he discovered broken glass and equipment as well as spray paint on walls and other surfaces throughout the building.

Cameras within the school gave a clear image of the 5 juveniles involved. Their parents were contacted and reports were forwarded to the Custer County Attorney.

The total to clean and replace/repair equipment is $39,585.16.

Custer School no longer holds classes at this time but Broken Bow Public Schools still owns the building and the school board has considered taking closed bids for the structure.

KCNI/KBBN reached out to Superintendent Darren Tobey who said,

“It’s unfortunate that some kids made a bad decision. We would like to thank the Broken Bow law enforcement for handling the situation with class and professionalism,” Mr. Tobey said.