Livin’ Out Loud ’22: A Decade of Devotion and Commotion

GOTHENBURG – The ever-growing Livin’ Out Loud festival is set to plant itself right by the waters of Lake Helen this coming weekend, August 20 and 21.

This year is especially important: it is the tin anniversary of Livin’ Out Loud; the event will be going ten years strong after the weekend concludes. Last year alone the festival counted over 20,000 people in attendance, a number that remains consistent.

Organizer and spokesperson Ellen Mortensen says the formula for success is really quite simple. “The bottom line is: if you like music, and you like to be outside, and you like to eat, and you like ‘free,’ this is an event for you.”

Mortensen adds that the price of admission is not the only thing inclusive about the event. “It’s very family-oriented; you bring your lawn chairs, the kids run around and play. There are shade trees, if people like to be in the shade.”

The concert kicks off on August 20 at 4:45 p.m., and features 5 artists as well as a short message from speaker Lincoln Murdoch, a three-time triathlon and duathlon national champion. Saturday’s music is expected to go until about 10:30 p.m.

Headlining the weekend is Zach Williams, set to take the stage at 9 p.m.; Mortensen says that this rodeo is not Williams’ first. “He’s been around a long time. We actually had him at Livin’ Out Loud in 2018, and when he came at that point in time, his was the second band on the bill. Now he’s the headliner; that’s how much he’s grown between 2018 and 2022.”

Sunday offers a tradition unlike most, Mortensen says. “On Sunday morning, we actually come back and have a community worship service. One of the bands always stays to provide the service for us.” The music is in addition to Lincoln Murdoch’s contributions to Sunday’s worship.

Mortensen sums up the spirit of the festival’s decade run by emphasizing the need it provides for Gothenburg and well beyond. “In today’s world, we need positive, uplifting music. Just to sit and have a day where you’re not hearing anything negative. You’re not turning on the news and hearing about negative things; it’s just a very positive event.”

The Sunday service will commence at 10:45 a.m; the entire weekend’s events will be outdoors.