Litchfield student receives Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition

LITCHFIELD- Students, teachers, and community members gathered in the stands of the Litchfield Public Schools gymnasium Wednesday morning to spectate a visit from congressman Adrian Smith.

“America’s Pastime” by Caden Holm of Litchfield Public Schools

The visit from Smith was scheduled because of a piece of art that senior Caden Holm completed and entered into competition. Titled “America’s Pastime”, Holm’s piece will be displayed at the congressman’s office in Scottsbluff after his placement in the congressional art competition.

After a firm handshake and introduction, Holm was presented with a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from congressman Smith.

Holm then pointed out features of his work to those in attendance, including a bat hitting a baseball, field lines, and even stadium lights in the background. He explained that 3D elements of the piece were created by pushing a pencil into foam to create features in the copper. The ball and bat were left to shine and glow, while much of the piece was given a slight patina using sulfur.

After the special presentation Adrian Smith stayed to answer questions from the students in attendance. Everything from ‘Have you always had glasses?’ to current governmental issue questions were asked by the wide array of ages in attendance.

Caden and family stand with congressman Adrian Smith next to Caden’s artwork, titled “America’s Pastime”. Caden will be continuing his education and competition in baseball at Hastings College this fall.