Litchfield Student Artwork Displayed at State Capitol & Senator’s Office

Litchfield Student Artwork Displayed at State Capitol & Senator’s Office
(L-R) Litchfield students Kira Zentz and Kenneth Downer with their artwork

LITCHFIELD–Three different pieces of local student artwork were chosen to be displayed at the Nebraska State Capitol and in the office of Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse’s office.

For the month of March, artwork created by Litchfield third grader Kira Zentz was chosen for a show at the state capitol. When asked about her work, titled ‘A Delicious Cake,’ Zentz stated, “I wanted it to look like a real cake, I wanted viewers to want to eat it. I wanted to make them hungry!”

Second grader Kenneth Downer titled his work ‘Bob’s Home.’ When asked about his work, Kenneth said, “I was giving the bird a nice habitat including a nice home, a good view and lots of room to explore.”

Litchfield Art teacher Allison Varah told KCNI/KBBN Kira and Kenneth work hard in class every day.

“As artists, they continue to surprise and impress me with their choices. Every time they come into my room they are aiming for perfection and it’s inspiring!” Varah said.

Litchfield senior Shamane Zentz with her photography and award.

Litchfield senior Shamane Zentz has artwork hanging in the office of Senator Ben Sasse for the year. Her photography was chosen as exemplary photography. Shamane (Kira’s older sister) is taking a photography class and has multiple awards this year, both the Ben Sasse competition and three works in the state visual art show in Lincoln.

Allison Varah said Shamane is a perfectionist and has great artistic vision.

“She takes a lot of time to the point where she is scared to make a mistake but when she takes pictures she lets go of her worries and inhibitions and takes the shot. I think it’s almost a type of therapy for her! She has great vision and an eye for composition,” Varah told KCNI/KBBN.