Gubernatorial Candidate Pillen Stops in Bow

Gubernatorial Candidate Pillen Stops in Bow
Gubernatorial candidate Jim Pillen meets with constituents on Thursday.

BROKEN BOW – Gubernatorial candidate Jim Pillen made a stop in Broken Bow on Thursday, November 3 on the final leg of his 21-month-long campaign trail. Fittingly, Pillen’s stop in Broken Bow bookends a campaign that kicked off its first stretch outstate in the same place.

Pillen greeted roughly two dozen at the event, which was held at the Cobblestone Hotel. Among those present were Mayor Rod Sonnichsen, City Administrator Dan Knoell, and several Broken Bow City Council members.

A brief introduction to the gubernatorial candidate was given by Jerry Adams of Adams Land & Cattle, and then the floor was all Pillen’s.

Pillen, Nebraska’s Republican candidate for governor, emphasized the value of cooperative thinking in the Unicameral, the lack of state funding for 158 of Nebraska’s 244 school districts, and corralling property taxes.

Pillen addresses nearly two dozen community members.

Pillen also went on to state that while Tuesday’s upcoming election contained some important decisions for everyone, one race in particular should occupy the forefront of all Nebraskans’ minds.

“The most important election is who you elect for your school board to work with your superintendent.”

The candidate went on to expound upon his belief in a stronger state through maintaining a young workforce and preventing a drain of talent which every generation seems to devastate a host of states in the middle of the country.

Pillen’s stop in Broken Bow will be his last in the central part of the state. He concludes his campaign tour with appearances in Raymond, Lincoln, and finally Omaha for a TeamMates gala before Tuesday’s election.