Funeral Home Finds New Life in Callaway

Funeral Home Finds New Life in Callaway
The staff of Renyolds-Love Funeral Home in Callaway.

CALLAWAY – The Timm-Reynolds-Love Funeral Home in Callaway has a sharp new look, but the family at the heart of it all remains unchanged; Nick Reynolds, now at the helm of the family business, says that the face lift was a much-needed and timely upgrade.

The new, single-level Reynolds-Love home.

“The house served its purpose, did a wonderful job, but it was kind of rundown. It was hard for people to get in and out with all the steps, so we thought, ‘Let’s upgrade, move downtown, and have one level.’ Just something easy, clean, something for the community.”

The new funeral home is certainly clean: it features a well-organized casket and cremation option selection room, as well as a properly-sized chapel; everything about the facility is tasteful and welcoming, not an easy pair to pin down when dealing with the sensitive subject of loved ones’ passing.

The home’s cremation options.
Some casket offerings at Reynolds-Love.

Still lifes in pastel soothe the eyes, and calmness like a cape envelops the reception area. There is quietude throughout the new home that just seems to whisper, “Peace.”

The home has been in operation for about 60 years, with the Reynolds family operating both locations for three generations. They purchased the Timm Funeral Home in Callaway in 1965.

While the Lexington area branch of Reynolds-Love serves a larger population, Nick Reynolds says that bringing the renovated home to Callaway was more than just an update: it is a token of thanks for the open arms that Callaway has always offered to the business.

The home’s new chapel.

“The main thing is: Callaway has always been good to our family, has always supported us. We feel like Callaway’s our friend, and in putting this facility here lets them know we’re going to stick around for hopefully many years ahead.”

The new and improved Timm-Reynolds-Love funeral home has been open for several months and currently offers planning services in person, which can be scheduled by calling 308-324-2221, or by visiting their website.