“Fire Works” at Melham Park

BROKEN BOW – Melham Park came alive for a couple of hours on Tuesday night in a true “Fire Works” display; members of the Broken Bow Emergency Services teams congregated in the parking lot adjacent to the swimming pool for drills and practice.

Roughly four trucks were present, including an engine, a hook and ladder, and a water tender.

The exercises lasted perhaps an hour or two, and included, according to an officer of the Broken Bow Police Department present at the scene, hose loading, unloading and testing, ladder drills, and various rescue operations.

The officer also said this is a regular occurrence, that every month the departments loosely organize training and drills at the same place, and that “whoever can make it, just shows up.” He went on to say that the training was a good thing, “because we make sure the equipment still works, even though we hope we never have to use it.”

Regular training for the fire departments is essential for obvious reasons, but one in particular, according to the officer: “You’ve got to learn to do the simple stuff before you can do the real fun stuff.”

When KBBN/KCNI arrived on the scene, the trucks were packing up and loading out, but not before each one sounded its unmistakable horn and waved.