Eddyville 4-Hers the “GOAT” at Show

Eddyville 4-Hers the “GOAT” at Show
(From left to right) Keeley Nichols, Kollyn Nichols, and Karsyn Nichols, all of Eddyville earned purple ribbons in the meat goat showmanship junior division. Kollyn won the top meat goat showmanship trophy. Photo credit: Nebraska Extension Dawson County

LEXINGTON – 4-Hers from all eight corners of Dawson and Custer counties dropped into the Stevens Arena at the Dawson County Fairgrounds last weekend for the 2022 Dawson County Fair goat show.

Showmen from four towns between the two counties took home honors, though it was the smallest of them all that made the biggest splash. Of the 41 ribbons awarded between meat and dairy goats, 20, or about half, went to three 4-Hers from Eddyville, population 105.

The Nichols kids (and kids) divided the ribbons about as evenly as anyone can by three: Kollyn Nichols earned 7, Karsyn Nichols took home 7, and Keeley Nichols picked up 6.

Kollyn Nichols hoisted the top meat goat showmanship trophy and purple ribbon in the Junior Division, while two of the division’s other purple ribbons were pinned on Karsyn and Keeley.

Dave Schledewitz, Oconto, presents the champion dairy goat trophy to Kollyn Nichols of Eddyville. Photo credit: Nebraska Extension Dawson County

The Junior Division of dairy goat showmanship was swept up just as tidily: Kollyn Nichols again claimed a purple ribbon and trophy honors while Keeley and Karsyn each earned purple ribbons.

The Champion Dairy Goat trophy was awarded to Kollyn Nichols, and the reserve trophy went to Karsyn Nichols.

Keeley Nichols garnered a purple ribbon in the meat goat division for her kid doe in Class B, and for her yearling doe in Class A.

Of the remaining 22 ribbons, 10 were split between Aleigha and Abby Negley of Gothenburg, 9 went to Gracie Schneider, Addison Howerter, and Emma Howerter, and 3, including the Senior Division Showmanship Trophy in dairy goats, went to Taylor Cramer of Oconto.