Dawson County BBQ Showers 4-Hers Members With Accolades

Dawson County BBQ Showers 4-Hers Members With Accolades
Bruce Rickertsen, Lexington, is surrounded by present and past members of the Horseshoe Bend 4-H Club. Rickertsen has been the club’s 4-H leader for fifty years and was recognized for those years of service at the 2022 4-H Achievement BBQ at Lexington Middle School. Those past and present 4-H’ers are: (front row, left to right) Harlow Rickertsen, Lexington; Kimberly Duryea, Lexington; Barrett Hunke, Lexington; Lysa Duryea, Lexington; and Makennah Sauer, Lexington; (second row, left to right) Riggs McConville, Lexington; Bristol McConville, Lexington; Bruce Rickertsen, Lexington; Griffin Owens, Lexington; Alex Rickertsen, Lexington; and Maggie Duryea, Lexington; (third row, left to right) Jacey Klemm, Lexington; Terrence Bliven, Lexington; Emma Luther, Overton; Jaden Hunke, Lexington; Lorelai Rickertsen, Lexington; (fourth row, left to right) Greta Rickertsen, Lexington; Leah Sauer, Lexington; Wesley Thompson, Lexington; Sydni Ringenberg, Lexington; (back row, left to right) Rob Stuart, Lexington; Mike Rickertsen, Lincoln; Curt Rickertsen, Lexington; Alvin Zimmerman, Overton; and Don Batie, Lexington. Extension Photo

LEXINGTON – 178 4‑H members, parents, and leaders attended the 77th annual Dawson County 4‑H Achievement Barbecue held Sunday night, October 23, 2022 at the Lexington Middle School Cafeteria. Pinnacle Bank provided the beef which was prepared by Jolene Block of the Around the Block Catering and the Dawson County 4‑H Foundation provided the trimmings for the annual event.

The Pony Express, Dawson County Agricultural Society, and Dawson County Extension Board members served the group in their usual efficient manner.

The 4-H Meritorious Service Award was presented to Lisa Pebley and Kris Pebley of Lexington for their indispensable work at the 4-H Café.

Winners of the “I Dare You” Leadership Award were Abbie Owens of Lexington and Casey Wahlgren of Gothenburg. The Outstanding 4‑H Member Service Award sponsored by Nebraska Farm Bureau was presented to Cozad’s Sarah Treffer. Lexi Johnson of Gothenburg was chosen to receive the Outstanding Junior Leader Award, presented in memory of Melvin Marshall.

Medals for excellence in several project areas were awarded to Jaden Hunke of Lexington for Photography, Public Speaking, and Clothing & Textiles; Oconto’s Taylor Kramer for Goats and Horse; Addison Luther of Overton for Veterinary Science and Food & Nutrition; Greta Rickertsen of Lexington for Swine and Electricity; Rilyn Schledewitz of Oconto for Poultry; Rieker Spradlin of Cozad for  Cats and Shooting Sports; Casey Wahlgren of Gothenburg for Wildlife; Overton’s Spencer Walahoski for Beef;  Cozad’s Samual Winter for Dairy and Dogs, and Jacie and Jaelin Wolfinger, both of Lexington, for Gardening & Horticulture and Sheep and Home Environment, respectively.

Winners of the Jack Reed Memorial Judging trophy were: Sumner’s Bart Beattie as the Top Senior Meats Judge; Nevaeh Sauer of Lexington as the Top Junior Meats Judge; and Spencer and Paige Walahoski of Overton as Top Senior Livestock Judges.

The 2022 Jack Reed Memorial Judging trophies were presented at the annual 4-H Achievement BBQ at Lexington Middle School. (Front row) Paige Walahoski, Overton; took home the Top Junior Livestock Judge trophy; (back row, left to right) Spencer Walahoski, Overton; won the Top Senior Livestock Judge trophy and Bart Beattie, Sumner; earned the Top Senior Meats Judge trophy. Nevaeh Sauer, Lexington; won the Top Junior Meats Judge trophy but was not present at the BBQ. Extension Photo

Nebraska 4-H Diamond Clover Pins and Certificates were presented to Gothenburg’s Claire Carter, Overton’s Neala McCall, Lexington’s Griffin Owens, and Cozad’s Mollie Spradlin.

Lysa Duryea and Alex Rickertsen of Lexington and Grant and Megan Walahoski of Overton received the 4‑H Good Start Awards. Elwood’s Bristol Kubert, Cozad’s Hailey Jensen, and Gothenburg’s Aleigha Negley and Paige Walahoski received the 4‑H Great Job Awards.

State 4‑H Camp/Conference Trip winners were Sydney Howerter (C), Taylor Kramer (Oc), Andrew Kreuscher (G), Trina Pearson (B) and Rilyn Schledewitz (Oc).

Winners of the National 4-H Congress $25 cash awards sponsored by Dawson County Farm Bureau, and the National 4-H Congress nominees were: Preston Beattie of Sumner, Jaden Hunke of Lexington, Taylor Kramer of Oconto, and Andrew Kreuscher of Gothenburg.

Other National 4-H Conference nominees who received Achievement Application medals were: Bart Beattie, Preston Beattie, Karla Herrarte of Lexington, Jaden Hunke, Lexi Johnson of Gothenburg, Taylor Kramer, Andrew Kreuscher, Addison and Emma Luther of Overton, Emma Peterson of Gothenburg, Saidi and Sydni Ringenberg of Lexington, Greg and Sarah Treffer of Cozad, Casey Wahlgren, and Jacie and Jaelin Wolfinger.

These Dawson County 4-H’ers earned $25 cash awards sponsored by the Dawson County Farm Bureau. Taking home the awards were: (front row left to right) Jaden Hunke, Lexington; and Preston Beattie, Sumner. (Back row, left to right) Toby Owens, Lexington; represented Dawson County Banks and Rob Stuart, Lexington; Dawson County Farm Bureau president. Not present but also receiving recognition were Taylor Kramer, Oconto, and Andrew Kreuscher, Gothenburg. Extension Photo

Three, five, and 10-year 4‑H members were recognized. Twenty-seven 4-H members received their 3‑year pins and 19 members received their 5‑year pins.  Earning 10‑year pins were: Preston Beattie, Jackson Daum of Gothenburg, Helene Keiser of Gothenburg, Addison Luther, Kearney’s Grace Ratkovec, Saidi and Sydni Ringenberg, Rilyn Schledewitz of Oconto, Sumner’s Clayton Scoville, and Jacie and Jaelin Wolfinger.

Dawson County 4-H’ers earning Diamond Clover awards at the Achievement BBQ on the 23rd were (left to right) Mollie Spradlin, Cozad; Neala McCall, Overton; and Griffin Owens, Lexington. Claire Carter, Gothenburg also received an award but was unable to attend. Extension Photo

Lengths of service awards were presented to 4‑H leaders. The 4‑H leaders receiving special recognition this year were: Lexington’s Bruce Rickertsen for 50 years; Cozad’s Christy Treffer for 40 years; Joe Keiser and Christina Wolff of Gothenburg for 15 years; Paul and Shannon Peterson and Casey Russman of Gothenburg, Cozad’s Kim Sutherland, and Robert Thompson and Janice Wolfinger of Lexington for 10 years; and Dannyl Bromander of Eustis and Anna Rickertsen of Gothenburg for 5 years.

In the 4‑H Council election, Lexington’s Jake Wolfinger and Paige McConville were elected for three‑year terms. Jaelin Wolfinger will serve on the 4-H Council as a youth representative for a one-year term. Service Certificates to outgoing 4‑H Council members were presented to Gothenburg’s Mike Johnson, Overton’s Kris Walahoski, Lexi Johnson, Helene Keiser of Gothenburg, Abbie Owens of Lexington, Emma Peterson, and Parker and Spencer Walahoski of Overton in appreciation for their contribution to the 4‑H program.