Custer County General Election Sample Ballot

BROKEN BOW – A sample ballot for the upcoming general election has been posted on the Custer County website, and is also available below.

In addition to school board, gubernatorial, county supervisor and mayoral races, Arnold and Callaway will have initiatives unique to their towns.

Arnold will have consideration of adopting or refusing an ordinance outlawing abortion within the Village of Arnold and declaring Arnold a sanctuary for the unborn, with an effective date to be established should the measure pass.

Callaway will have consideration of approving or denying a proposed bond initiative wherein the principal amount will not exceed $4 million dollars for the purpose of construction of a swimming pool and other related improvements to village land.

The interest rates on the bond initiative will be determined by the Village Chairperson and Village Board, should the ordinance be approved.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8; polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. An updated list of polling places for voters will be posted in the near future.

The 2022 sample ballot. Click to zoom.