Custer County 2022 Primary Election Official Results—37% Voter Turnout

CUSTER COUNTY—The canvassing board has completed the official tally of Custer County’s ballot numbers and has released the official results for the 2022 Primary Election. Out of 7,779 registered voters 2,885 ballots were cast (either on Election Day or by early voting). Custer County saw a 37% voter turnout in 2022 compared to 41% in 2020 and 22% in 2018.

Statewide voter turnout was 33.29%.

On the local level, Elise Taylor took the lead against incumbent Lana Lymber for County Assessor. KCNI/KBBN was at the Custer County Courthouse on Tuesday, May 10 and spoke with Elise Taylor.

“I’m super excited. You know, I’ve been in the office for three and a half years and I am super excited about this change. You know I’m ready for good things for Custer County and I’m so excited I can’t wait!” Taylor told KCNI/KBBN.

She said she hopes to focus on equalizing Custer County values and appreciates the support she has received during the campaign. Elise Taylor will take office in January 2023 as no Democrat is running for County Assessor.

“Equalizing Custer County is my biggest thing. You know, I pay taxes just like everybody else and so I sure as heck don’t’ want my values being wrong and I don’t want to be assessed for something that’s not mine or incorrect,” Taylor continued. “My goodness I could not do it without so many great people in this county. You know I have friends up in Sargent who have been helping me out big time and every little community. My fellow rural people, God has truly blessed me with some amazing, amazing people in my life,” Taylor said.

Click here for the STATEWIDE primary contest results. The general election will take place on November 8, 2022.

Below are the official results for Custer County:

Congress District 3 (Republican)
Adrian Smith 1,902
Mike Calhoun 491

Governor (Republican)
Jim Pillen 957
Charles W. Herbster 788
Brett Lindstrom 310
Theresa Thibodeau 215
Breland Ridenour 115
Michael Connely 40
Troy Wentz 11
Lela McNinch 7
Donna Nicole Carpenter 5

Secretary of State (Republican)
Bob Evnen 809
Robert Borer 614
Rex Schroder 535

State Treasurer (Republican)
John Murante 1,097
Paul Anderson 795

Attorney General (Republican)
Mike Hilgers 1,224
Jennifer Hicks 699

Auditor of Public Accounts (Republican)
Mike Foley 1,634
Larry Anderson 447

Public Service Commission District 5 (Republican)
Mary Ridder 1,501
Kevin Stocker 373
Dakota Delka 154

Custer County Supervisor District 1 (Republican)
Anne M. Gibbons 148
Bobby Myers 124
Carl French 84
Gregory S. Kissell 41

Custer County Supervisor District 7 (Republican)
Sara Parliament 265
Douglas A. Stunkel 90

Custer County Assessor (Republican)
Elise Taylor 1,300
Lana Lymber 958

Congress District 3 (Democrat)
David Else 100
Daniel Wik 89

Governor (Democrat)
Carol Blood 166
Roy Harris 42

Secretary of State (Democrat)
Write-in 2

State Treasurer (Democrat)
Write-in 2

Attorney General (Democrat)
Write-in 3

Auditor of Public Accounts (Democrat)
Write-in 2

Public Service Commission District 5 (Democrat)
Write-in 4

Governor (Libertarian)
Scott Zimmerman 15

State Treasurer (Libertarian)
Katrina Tomsen 13

Auditor of Public Accounts (Libertarian)
Gene Siadek 12

State Board of Education District 7
Elizabeth Tegtmeier 1,855
Pat Moore 336
Robin Stevens 335

University of Nebraska Board of Regents District 7
Matt Williams 1,596
Kathy Wilmot 657
Nolan Gurnsey 210

Sargent City Mayor
Melanie Myers 66
Michael Kozeal 53
Clint Marsh 40

Callaway Hospital
Mary Ross 372
Mark Kimball 322

Gothenburg Hospital
Ryan O’Hare 43
Write-in David Jobman 6

Gothenburg School #20
Bruce Lee Clark 40
Kristi Kreuscher 32
Dawn Urman 31
Nate Wyatt 16
Lisa Brass 12
Matt Dalrymple 12
Bradley Jorgenson 10