CPPD Reports Over 8,000 Customer Outages In 2021

Power is something we often take for granted. Just to read this article you need power of some kind for your computer, to charge your phone, and many other reasons. For those in the Custer Public Power District, the ability to have this power is thanks to the men and women who make sure electricity is traveling throughout the region.

According to the Custer Public Power District Publication, there were 8,253 outages in 2021 affecting 10,793 customers.

Reasons For Outages

  1. 1797 Miscellaneous-Uncorrectable (Customer caused outages, contacts with poles and lines)
  2. 1608 Underground Faults
  3. 1370.5 Lightning
  4. 806 Equipment Failure
  5. 625 Conductor Failure

Contact Custer Public Power at (308) 872-2451 with any questions or comments. If you are experiencing an outage or need to contact CPPD after hours, call (888) 749-2453.

Check out the graphic below to find out more information on how power crews restore power following a major power outage.