City Of Broken Bow Searching For West Ward Replacement Following Resignation

City Of Broken Bow Searching For West Ward Replacement Following Resignation
Broken Bow City Council during the Octoebr 26, 2021 meeting

Following the resignation of West Ward Councilmember Jacob Holcomb, the Broken Bow City Council has begun the process of searching for his replacement. On Tuesday, January 11, Mayor Rod Sonnichsen read the resignation letter of Holcomb where it stated he would resign immediately due to “Other opportunities have presented themselves that make it impossible for me to fulfill my sworn duties.”

Holcomb had been on the board for over five years. With his resignation, the seat must be filled by someone from the West Ward to complete the remaining time left for the position.

Below are the details from the City of Broken Bow to complete the process of applying for the Council seat.

The City Council, as the governing body of Broken Bow, is responsible for consideration of any matters brought to its attention or initiated by the body, staff, or public. The four council members represent two city wards (east and west) and are elected by their ward on a staggered basis for four-year terms.

A City Council meeting involves making and amending laws, developing policy, and making decisions for the governing of Broken Bow. The Council adopts ordinances and resolutions, approves the general goals and policies of the City, authorizes budgetary appropriations, and approves the appointment of various offices.

A resolution generally states a position or policy of the City. An ordinance is a local law that usually regulates persons or property and usually relates to a matter of a general and permanent nature. Therefore, an ordinance is more formal and authoritative than a resolution.

If interest in fulfilling the duties of West Ward City Council, please contact the City Administrator at 308-872-8321 or by email at [email protected] for an application. Applications are due by January 20th, 2022. All applications will be reviewed by the Mayor, Applicants that meet the requirements will be interviewed by the Mayor. The West Ward Council Applicant will be selected and Appointed with Council approval at the January 25th, 2022, regularly scheduled City Council Meeting.

Nebraska Revised Statue 32-569