City Council Dismisses Mobile Food Vendor Ordinance; City Office Closed Wednesday Afternoon

CITY COUNCIL— The Broken Bow City Council meeting on Tuesday, July 13 was short and sweet for those in attendance. James Callaway with the Broken Bow Airport Authority gave a quick update on some of the plans currently taking place at the airport. Callaway said the pandemic had reduced some of their income through fuel sales, but they were able to offset some of the losses through two grants that totaled $49,000.

He also said the airport would be working on plans for a ramp expansion and additional lighting. Due to larger planes landing at the airport when doctors are flown into the hospital the ramp can get crowded. Thanks to $150,000 in federal funds, which the airport must use or lose them, planning for the project will take place this year with construction planned for 2022. The City also approved the interlocal request of $13,000.

A topic that has been on the council agenda a number of times will be removed after it was unanimous to not make any changes to the mobile food vendor ordinance. City Administrator Dan Knoell recommended a committee be formed to find a middle ground on the ordinance and to vote to not pass the ordinance.

The Council agreed and voted to dismiss the mobile food vendor ordinance. Councilman Jacob Holcomb confirmed to KCNI/KBBN that a committee would be formed in the future, but stated there was no timetable at this point.

The Council also approved the annual report and waiver of PILOT Funds for the Broken Bow Housing Authority and approved the final Plat for Eaglecrest.

Due to an Employee Appreciation event, City Offices, Broken Bow Public Library, and all City Departments will be closed from noon to 5 PM Wednesday, July 14.

The next Broken Bow City Council meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 27 at 6 PM.