Cutting Horse Show This Weekend at Fairgrounds

BROKEN BOW – The fourth installment of CD Cutting’s yearly Cutting Horse series will take place at the Custer County Fairgrounds this weekend, the 16 and 17 of July.

The event will feature nearly 160 entrants from all over Middle America, according to series organizer JB Atkins.

“We’ll have people from a four or five state area: Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, of course Nebraska, and even someone from Iowa.”

The riders are divided into two classes: those that have earned less than $2000, and those who have earned $15,000 or more.

All entrants in each class qualify for the grand prize of a saddle; among the hundred-sixty-plus horses and riders, the fighting is naturally fierce. Atkins says that one rider in particular should be on everybody’s radar going into the final stretch of the series.

“One of the individuals in the lead for one of these saddles is Cody Knodel, from Grand Island.”

The two saddles are to be awarded to top-earning riders of each class; Atkins says the first saddle is reserved for those just breaking into the sport.

“The first saddle is really based on the earnings of the rider; we try to keep the earnings low enough so that those who’ve earned less are competing against each other rather than competing against those who’ve won a lot of money.”

The show at the Custer County Fairgrounds becomes all the more intriguing because all entrants must have shown at a minimum of two shows in the series prior. The event begins at 8 p.m., and tickets can be purchased at the fairgrounds.