Broken Bow Schools Recognize Importance of “Student of the Month” Program

Broken Bow Schools Recognize Importance of “Student of the Month” Program
Photo: Broken Bow Public School-Activities Department Facebook page.

BROKEN BOW—Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Compassion: Four key ingredients to a well-rounded person and four character words emphasized by the Broken Bow Public Schools. Students recognize their peers as part of the Student of the Month program and for the month of September the following students are recognized for showing RESPECT inside and outside of the classroom:

Seniors – Bryan Kruger
Juniors – Cassie Rafael
Sophomores – Miles Heglin
Freshmen – Lincoln Adams

Teaching grades 6-12 in Physical Education and Health, Rachelle Haines recently entered her 25th year at Broken Bow Public Schools as an educator. Ms. Haines also is involved in coaching and serves as a student council (StuCo) sponsor along with Suzie Smith. In an interview with KCNI/KBBN, Ms. Haines explained the importance of recognizing students for making good choices.

“I think anytime somebody is recognized for doing the right things or for doing things that are not always the easy things, it instills what we want of being a positive person in a world that maybe isn’t so positive or at times doesn’t feel so positive,” Haines said.

After students nominate their peers, the names are sent to administration for approval, and then those students recognized receive a free Runza and have their names read on the announcements. The student council does not receive teacher input (other than administration approval) and aims for a variety of representation. Haines told KCNI/KBBN that once nominated, a student is eliminated from the choosing pool and StuCo kids are not eligible to be nominated until the second semester of their senior year.

Haines added that the Student of the Month program is more meaningful coming from their own peers.

“It’s sometimes easy for kids just to follow the flow—or people, not just students—but it’s easy for people just to follow the flow and when kids get rewarded for going against that grain it validates their choices,” Haines said.

Haines said she and the staff are very appreciative of Runza’s partnership and other business support with the schools.

“From a school perspective we are very grateful of that partnership and their willingness and their dedication to help out students and to help recognize that,” Haines continued. “We’re pretty lucky in our community to have multiple businesses support our school.”