Bovee Fire Update: October 5, 10:45 A.M.

HALSEY – As of 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, the Bovee Fire in and around Halsey National Forest is 56% contained, according to Rocky Mountain Complex Incident Management Team Information Officer Brian Scott.

“The firefighters have made exceptional progress on the Bovee Fire. We did an aerial flight yesterday to get a better view of the total perimeter, and for days we’ve been saying 15,000 acres, which we’ve just had to guess.”

The guess, however, was almost on the nose: the Bovee Fire is not all that much larger. “Now, with the flight, we’ve got a good acreage for the perimeter, and that is 18,932 acres.”

Fire lines have been established on all boundaries of the fire except for a portion in Area A, Scott says, which continues to be pesky for the 219 firefighters, but by no means insurmountable.

“We’re finishing up on some of those areas on the southeast edge of the fire in the forested area where the fire didn’t burn a definitive line; it’s got some ‘fingers,’ if you will, that we have to go around and manage individually.”

Scott says that the rain and humidity over the past two days have helped contain the blaze, but most of all he credits the first responders.

“The initial attack firefighters from the area did a great job in getting out here as quickly as they did and helping set up the teams that came after them. It’s been going really well.”

An updated map of the blaze is attached; more information will be posted as it becomes available.