Board of Supervisors Meets for July’s Last Hoorah

Board of Supervisors Meets for July’s Last Hoorah
The Board of Supervisors examines its end of month claims.

BROKEN BOW – The Custer County Board of Supervisors met for the final time in July on Tuesday at 9 a.m. on the third floor of the Custer County Courthouse. Six of the seven board members were present, with Supervisor Fox arriving later at 10:10 a.m.

Key among decision items was the Board of Exemption’s annual evaluation of motor vehicle exemption applications; to save time, the Board of Equalizations consolidated all applications that met the Department of Revenue’s five-point statutory test to determine whether a given vehicle meets the criteria for exemption, which include an organization’s purpose and intended use of the vehicle.

Thirty-three vehicles across 9 organizations throughout Custer County had their vehicles unanimously approved for exemption by the supervisors.

The board also approved unanimously a 100 percent federally-funded, $2.64 million resolution for a bridge in Comstock. When the work is slated to begin, however, is still unclear: permissions and right-of-ways must be granted by both adjacent landowners and the State of Nebraska.

Arnold Township asked the board for an extension on paying back their second disaster loan; representatives from the township claimed that due to a delay in receiving NEMA funds, they could not complete projects on their initial proposed timeline. The board unanimously approved the extension, and Arnold Township will be expected to make payments closer to September of 2023.

A renewal of Applied Connective’s IT contract for the county was tabled for further discussion; the contract indicated a $20,000 increase from the previous year. Applied Connective claims an increase in man hours and travel mileage as two reasons for the price hike.

The board tabled another discussion item, as well: the evaluation of different time clock systems for the county. Torn between two timekeeping options, MIPS and TimeClock Plus, the supervisors left the discussion open for the time being, citing the differences in time clock usage by various departments, and the difficulties in coordinating them.

Emory Haynes delivered the yearly Veterans Office budget and report, Sheriff Osmond presented the annual Certification of Distress Warrants, and the 5-year disaster mitigation plan was approved as well.

The next Board of Supervisors working meeting is scheduled for August 9.