Author Tricia Wentworth Shares “Enchanted Kingdom” Series at Broken Bow Library

Author Tricia Wentworth Shares “Enchanted Kingdom” Series at Broken Bow Library
Atkinson, Neb. native and current Broken Bow resident Tricia Wentworth shares her experience as an author at the BB Library and introduces new fantasy series, Enchanted Kingdom.

BROKEN BOW—Nebraska native and award-winning author Tricia Wentworth spoke at the Broken Bow Public Library on Monday night regarding her new book—the first in her new series—Enchanted Kingdom.

Originally from Atkinson, Neb., Wentworth graduated high school in 2007 and went on to earn her teaching degree from the University of Nebraska—Lincoln. Veering from her original post-graduation plan after spending time in the classroom, Wentworth is now the author of 11 books with more on the way. With her young adult dystopian The Culling series, The Legacy series, and a few holiday books she describes as her “cozy Christmas” series all completed since 2019, she has decided to enter into the world of fantasy with the Enchanted Kingdom series.

During Monday night’s presentation, Wentworth said the first book in the series follows Jorah, a female in her early twenties who is a bottom-of-the-totem-pole baker in the kingdom of Wylan. She despises the upper class “Enchanted” who possess magic but later has an opportunity to meet the kingdom’s twin princes with only the king knowing who will one day rule.

In addition to piquing the interest of all the avid readers in attendance on Monday night, Wentworth also described her writing process as someone who never imagined she would become an author. A friend told her she should write a book years ago after Wentworth had some ideas of her own for some of the contemporary dystopian books and movies popular at the time.

The idea stuck and Tricia Wentworth said she has tackled the writing process from a simple idea in the form of notes in her phone, visual Pinterest boards, and finding time to sit at her computer to write and edit in between being a wife to husband Micah and the mom of three children.

When focusing on a new book, Tricia said she sets goals for her to write 2,000 words a day and gives herself lots of grace. She edited her first few books herself but is grateful to have hired another editor and work with a publisher to share “parts of her soul” with fellow readers.

A question from the audience was asked, “do you have any ideas for aspiring authors?” Tricia Wentworth encourages them to stay at it, set goals, and write the book you would want to read.

“My biggest piece of advice would be to write the book that you want to read because that book might not exist! Write the book that you want to read because then you’ll be passionate about it and you’ll be able to figure out those characters better,” Wentworth continued.

“It’s giving yourself the grace to know you’re not going to be perfect but you’ll figure it out if you keep showing up and keep at it. Someone somewhere—your book is going to be their favorite. So you have to keep writing so that they get that book someday.”

Wentworth describes the Enchanted Kingdom series as “a nice escape from this world” and feels happy and at peace with the opportunity to enjoy a hobby that she gets to share.

Following college and living in Texas for seven years, she and her husband returned to Nebraska and live in Broken Bow with their three sons.