Ansley High School Class of 1962 Celebrating 60th Reunion this Weekend

ANSLEY—The 1962 graduating class of Ansley High School will be celebrating its 60th reunion this weekend in Broken Bow.

Classmates are invited to meet at Boarders Inn & Suites in Broken Bow (215 S E St, Broken Bow, NE) on Friday, May 27 at 7 p.m. On Saturday, May 28 the reunion will continue for breakfast at the Tumbleweed Café at 8:30 a.m. (850 East S East St, Broken Bow). Then on Saturday evening, the fun will continue at the Tumbleweed Café at 5 p.m. with supper at 6 p.m.

Nancy Hoblyn told KCNI/KBBN the 1962 class has had a reunion every five years since graduation. Ansley classmates look forward to getting together and those who cannot make it this year are already looking forward to the 65th reunion, with Hoblyn saying they like to think positive!

“I’m really excited about it! We always have such a good time when we get together. You know, it’s just like we’ve never been apart. We graduated as classmates and over the years we’ve become like a family,” Hoblyn told KCNI/KBBN.

The 1962 class had 34 graduates and is planning on welcoming about 30 guests this weekend: 15 peers, plus other classmates from their high school years, family and friends. Folks are welcome to stop by and say hi. Nancy Hoblyn said the group has shared a lot of memories—and continues to make new memories—throughout the years and have fun putting the reunions together.

“Sometimes when we get together we just go on and on and on but of course we can’t stay out as late as we used to because we get tired!” she joked.

Hoblyn said she and her classmates will also be remembering 11 classmates who are deceased. One classmate, LeRoy W. Johnson, passed away this week and his funeral will be on Saturday morning. She sends her love and sympathy to the family.

“It’s always hard to say goodbye. In the last two months we have lost two classmates,” Hoblyn continued. “That’s been hard for us. Our thoughts are with them at this time. It’s always a hard time to lose someone you love.”

KCNI/KBBN asked Hoblyn about some of her favorite memories from her time at Ansley High School. She said a funny memory she recalls is keeping score for girls volleyball and accidently walking into the boys locker room at another school. She said she never forgot how red her face turned!

Hoblyn offered her condolences regarding the recent tragic school shooting in Texas. Hoblyn says she remembers how safe she always felt at school and how grateful she is for feeling safe at her school and in her community.

She looks forward to a weekend filled with fun times for all. Call Nancy Hoblyn at 402-710-0247 for more information about the Ansley High School 1962 Class Reunion this weekend.