Anselmo Fire Responds to Vehicle Fire

Anselmo Fire Responds to Vehicle Fire
Anselmo Fire extinguished the fire within the truck with astounding speed.

ANSELMO – The Anselmo Fire Department responded to a vehicle fire at 9:19 a.m. on Friday.

The fire erupted from a white pickup a half mile west of Victoria Springs Recreation Area on Highway 21A, on private property.

When KCNI/KBBN arrived on the scene, the fire was mostly extinguished; three volunteer firefighters had the blaze well under control, with only small tufts of smoke coming from beneath the hood of the vehicle.

Two Custer County Sheriff’s Deputies were on the scene as well, and affirmed that the fire was contained within a half hour of receiving the call; the Sheriff’s Department was on site within fifteen minutes.

Though there was much speculation surrounding the cause of the fire, no definitive cause was established at the time of extinguishing: a wayward spark in the dry climate could be to blame, as well as a malfunctioning battery. The front tires of the truck had melted off their wheels, and skid marks sharp with the scent of scorched rubber scarred the dirt and grass which formed the trail to where the husk of the truck now slouches.

There were no injuries reported.