American Red Cross Seeks Blood and Time for Upcoming Season

BROKEN BOW – With summer’s leisure and weather threats approaching, the American Red Cross seems to be busier than ever, requiring donations of all sorts to keep the community safe and healthy.

The need for blood and volunteers continues despite the heat, according to Red Cross spokesperson Josh Murray. “We still need blood. We can’t stockpile it for the summer. We need to continue to collect it every day, every week, because there’s always going to be a need.”

There are a variety of ways for individuals to determine how and when they can donate, ranging from a quick telephone call to a bit of research on the American Red Cross’ website. The Sandhills Express community calendar contains accurate information as to the time and location of regular blood drives as well.

In addition to donating blood, the American Red Cross also encourages community members to donate time, particularly during the upcoming disaster season.

“If anyone is impacted by storms,” Murray says, “You can always reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to help. We want to make sure we have people nearby, people all around the state. We can have a big pack of volunteers in one town, but if something happens two hours away, we want to be able to get there, too.”