‘Sisters of the Outlaw Trail’ Return to Museum

BROKEN BOW – On Tuesday, August 30, the Custer County Historical Society (CCHS) will be tracing tracks of a different sort.

In conjunction with Humanities Nebraska, CCHS will host for the second consecutive year the western riffs and cowgirl lilts of the Sisters from the Outlaw Trail; this time around, they’ll be dusting off old stories from the marginalized women of the early west.

The duo is comprised of northeastern Nebraska’s Marci Broyhill and Teresa Orr, bona fide sisters, two meadowlarks perched on the same limb of a family tree.

Custer County Historical Society head Tammy Hendrickson says the twosome’s return will offer a unique look at two sides of the Oregon Trail’s femininity.

“This program will be talking about the ladies of the trail, the women that were often obscure. There are ‘Hats and Flirts,’ which would make the other side of the women’s world at that time, and then the ‘Aprons and Skirts’ might be the more family-oriented ladies,” she adds with a laugh, “the ‘domesticated’ ladies.”

Hendrickson says the sisters’ approach to history is education and entertainment in perfect harmony, a format that strikes a chord with all demographics. “It’ll have a combination of poetry, storytelling, and history put into music. You always think that history is for those who can take it in, age-wise, but this is for all ages.”

The program is expected to run about an hour and will begin at 6 p.m.; like most events that the Historical Society showcases, the Sisters from the Outlaw Trail is free and open to all members of the community.