Nebraska Offensive Coordinator Matt Lubick Visits With Media Prior to Showdown with Michigan

Nebraska offensive coordinator met with members of the media following Tuesday’s practice. Lubick talked about starting young players on the offensive line and how they played in the Northwestern game.

“As a coach sometimes you worry how they are going to handle their first start in a big conference game all that type of stuff and they handled it really well,” Lubick said. “They proved it in practice so we felt a lot of confidence going in that we were going to play well. The competition has made everyone better so it has been a good thing for us.”

Lubick discussed the health of the team at this point in the season.

“Last game was the healthiest we have been all season as far as I think everybody was available for the most part which is really good,” he said. “You can rest guys I think we had a whole bunch of different guys touch the ball which we want to continue to do that. It just helps everybody else out it helps you in practice too.”

He was also asked about the offense’s success in making big plays this season.

“That was a focal point for us in the summer time is figuring out ways to get the ball down the field,” Lubick said. “You got a quarterback that can do that you have to be able to protect there is a whole bunch of things that go into that. Developing past concepts that you feel comfortable with that your guys can execute. That was a big mission for us and yeah that playmaker is going to make plays so we have been better this year than we were last year and I think that is going to continue to improve. The thing that we want to be to a defense we do not want to be one dimensional.”

The Huskers are set to play Michigan this Saturday, Oct. 9 at 6:30 p.m.